Stans Lutz completed her studies in both fashion and theatre design at the Rotterdam School of Arts.

As a freelance scenographer she has designed sets and/or costumes for more than 80 productions.

Stans Lutz worked closely with the well-known Dutch theatre director Frans Strijards for sixteen years.

Together they made some remarkable productions such as:

‘The Cherry Garden’ (Anton Tsjechov), ‘The Stendhal Syndrome ‘ (Frans Strijards) and ‘Kasper’ (Peter Handke).

From 1999-2012  she designed huge sets for The Amsterdam Theatre in the Wood:

Outdoor theatre on a stage of 40×40 mtrs where 1800 people can sit around

and enjoy the works of Shakespeare, Brecht and other classics, adapted to large audiences.

In addition to her usual design work,

Stans Lutz taught, over a number of years, both fashion design and theatre design

at the Amsterdam Art School: ‘De Gerrit Rietveld Academy’ 

She has also given several workshops in the direction department of the Amsterdam Theatre School.

In recent years she has concentrated on set design, and she has been increasingly involved

in concept development of the theatre pieces for which she designs.

Stans has been writing since long.

In 1979 her first illustrated book was edited: The circusclown: A Study about clowns and their costumes.

Around 2008 she started to write for children. 

‘Handkerchief’ (Zakdoek) is her first illustrated book for children.